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About Us

"Ag" is the symbol for the element Silver in the periodic table.  Pronounced A.g. Apparel, designer Jordan Silver created an innovative clothing company where she could incorporate universal elements into fashion with the ultimate goal of making fashion accessible, comfortable and functional for everyone. Her motto: let fashion set you free, and the rest will follow!

Ag Apparel is universally designed, we carefully think through the universal elements that are included every Ag Apparel piece to make our clothing versatile adaptvie and easy to wear.  Ag Apparel items are designed to be basics, the foundation of a wardrobe; all are meant to work together or in conjunction with other items in your wardrobe. Most pieces are available in several fabric types for different styles. Custom tailoring is available upon request. Please see our Testimonials to see how others have worn and enjoyed Ag Apparel.

Adaptive Elements Universal Elements Include:

  • Dual zippers  
  • Elastic waists
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Comfortable when seated
  • Large button holes
  • Durable, yet comfortable, fabrics
  • Velcro free

About the Founder, Jordan Silver

Jordan SilverJordan Silver, founder and designer of Ag Apparel, was inspired to start Ag Apparel from her aunt, Janet Silver, who lost her battle to ALS in 2007.  In watching her struggle with her clothing trying to keep her independence and dignity though dress, Jordan knew that she could fill the void in the adaptive apparel market by making universal clothing.  Her aunt has also been the inspiration of the Janet Top.  For this reason 5% of all profits from the top are donated to the Spastic Paraplegia Foundation.

Says Jordan, "As a designer for universal apparel, you think in a different way. You take a garment and deconstruct it and figure out how you can design something that has the same look yet is accessible to every women!"

Ag Apparel is now informing major retailers about the importance of providing Universal Apparel to everyone in various sizes and price points.  As one customer once told Jordan, "you aren't just a clothing company, you are giving people "life changing" apparel."

Ag Apparel items are available in every-day styles, as well as evening wear, If you don't see it on the site we'll make it!

Please contact us with any questions.

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