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Janet Top-Silky Blue/Black

This Unique top is universally designed to fit all body types for all occasions.  The Silky blue/black is the perfect top for an evening out.  It's smock like design means that the front and back are only attached at the shoulder seam with ties attached to the back allowing for easy access and a one of a kind look.

  • Goes on right over the head without raising arms over head.
  • Free forming top is sewn together at the shoulder seam only with ties on the back that you wrap around and tie in the front and easily drapes over the body for maximum comfort.
  • The back is wider than the front with a 6 1/2" contrasting fabric which ties in the front giving you complete coverage. 
  • Wide open arms can be more easily pulled over cast
  • Non-binding on for women on the stomach nor chest.
  • Button,velcro and zipper free.

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