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Basic Skirt: Morgan, Light Grey-30"L

"Seen in the Jan.2009 Issue of Oprah Magazine"
This multi-functioning skirt allows you to easily get in or out of it with no worries.
1. A shell with two dual zippers on each side.
2. Removable  front panel that comes in different colors; the front panel is attached to each side of the skirt with 30" dual zippers. By only unzipping one side of the panel the skirt opens like a wrap skirt and you can easily get it on or off. By purchasing different color front panels you can easily change the look of the skirt you can make daily style changes and make the skirt your own.

**Please Specify in your order if you would like to mix the skirt with a fashion fabric panel**

  • Dual zipper on both sides of the front panel of the skirt.
  • Elastic waist easy to pull on.
  • Unzipping just one side allows you to easily get out for bath-rooming.
  • 2" higher in the back for comfort when seated.
  • Unzipping both sides you can change out the panel for another
  • Saving money, one skirt so many possibilities
  • Zippers in front act as an anchor, allowing you to feel confident know your skirt will stay in place and not fly up
  • No extra fabric/bulk, elastic waistband on the back expands for comfort while seated
  • Velcro/Button free

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